The cost of launching an Internet-based startup has fallen dramatically over the last 15 years. This democratization of internet-based entrepreneurship resulted primarily from two innovations: open source software and cloud computing. During the dot-com era, Internet-based startups had to build serversinfrastructure by acquiring expensive servers and software licenses and hiring IT support staff. So the

Building  a successful startup is challenging.  But the chances of success could be greatly enhanced through participation in a startup accelerator program.  Entrepreneurially minded universities and research institutions have run incubators on or near campus where startups receive office space, shared facilities and services, but no capital.  Over the last several years, a new breed

Farrell Fritz and our Emerging Companies and Venture Capital Practice Group are proud to launch the New York Venture Hub blog, a resource for entrepreneurs, emerging companies, the investors who invest in them and the professionals who serve them. This is an exciting time for the innovation ecosystem, with renewed legislative and regulatory efforts to reform capital markets to make it easier for private companies to raise capital and for small companies to go public. There has also been a proliferation of regional efforts to accelerate the commercialization of home-grown technologies through university spinouts and other technology transfer arrangements with local job creating companies. Accelerate Long Island is one such initiative, created to promote the local commercialization of inventions produced at Long Island’s world-renowned research institutions. Farrell Fritz has been playing, and will continue to play, a key role in this effort. Just across the East River (or literally, on it), Cornell University and Technion are building a world-class applied engineering campus on Roosevelt Island that is predicted to result in the creation of 600 spinouts over the next three decades. Farrell Fritz believes that technology innovation will transform our economy nationally and regionally, and we hope the New York Venture Hub blog will prove to be a useful resource to the developing innovation ecosystem. We invite you to link to our blog.

New York Emerges as Tech Powerhouse
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